The lord is always watching over us...

–Hasu, Mogeko Castle


Moge Hasu

Character Information
Japanese Name ハス
Romaji Name Hasu
Location Mogeko Castle
Status Deceased
Biological Information
Species Mogeko
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Castle
Occupation Fourth Floor Guardian (Formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Mogeko (Brethren)

Hasu (ハス) is one of the seven Special Mogekos of Mogeko Castle. He assists Yonaka Kurai in her quest to escape Mogeko Castle and return home to the Human World.


Like a typical Mogeko, he has a cute cheery expression, pale yellow fur, a curly mouse tail, and furry cat ears. On the top of his head are fluffy spikes of fur. However, unlike a normal Mogeko, he also has a halo floating above his head and a pair of angelic wings on his back.


Hasu is notably more holy compared to other Mogekos, as he worships the lord of Mogekos, Lord Prosciutto. A devout follower of Lord Prosciutto's teachings, he lived to spread His word.


Hasu is said to have been created by King mogeko alongside the other six Special Mogekos, at the genesis of Mogeko Castle, to serve as a guardian of one of the castle's floors. Sometime after Defect Mogeko's imprisonment, he was usurped from his position as guardian by Moge-ko and made into her toy.



  • Mogeko Castle – Hasu helps Yonaka and Defect Mogeko reach the fifth floor by revealing to them the existence of a secret passage to the fifth floor under Moge-ko's bed, prior to his death.


King mogeko 

Hasu was created by King mogeko when the King first created Mogeko Castle. Aside from their relationship as creator and creation, little is known about the two.

Yonaka Kurai

Hasu, like the other floor guardians, helped Yonaka in her journey to reach the fourth floor. He revealed to her the existence of a secret passage to the fifth floor, allowing her to ascend the castle's floors once more.

Defect Mogeko

The two were friends.



  • His name, Hasu, is derived from the Japanese onomatopoeia hasuhasu (ハスハス), which means to sniff something in an aroused way. 


  • "Love thyham." (Hasu, as he rose to Prosciutto Paradise - Mogeko Castle)



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