–Hashasky, Mogeko Castle


Hash Hashasky

Character Information
Japanese Name ハスハスキー
Romaji Name Hasuhasukī
Location Mogeko Kremlin
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Hashasky
Professional Status
Affiliation Mogeko Kremlin
Occupation Mogekov Hashasky's subordinates
Personal Status
Relatives Mogekov Hashasky (Ruler)

Moge-kov (Humanoid Hashasky)

Hashasky (ハスハスキー) are white Mogeko-like creatures. They appear in Mogeko Castle. They seem to be from Russia and serve under the orders of Mogekov Hashasky.


They closely resemble Mogekos with the exception of their white fur. They're short feline creatures with cat-like ears, tufts of fur on top of their head, curly mouse tails, with cheery faces.


They seem to be fond of frozen yogurt, analogous to Mogekos' fondness of prosciutto.

Although similar to Mogeko in appearance, they haven't demonstrated any of the obscenity of Mogekos: they don't appear to fetishize high school girls, nor do they display violent tendencies.


All Hashasky are born from a place by the name of Mogeko Kremlin, which is located in Russia.



  • Mogeko Castle - A group of Hashasky make an appearance on the fourth floor of Mogeko Castle. They frequent a room full of snow, lamenting over their lost general.


Mogekov Hashasky

Mogekov is the Hashaskys' general.


Moge-kov is a humanoid Hashasky.


  • Hashasky are the only characters in Deep-Sea Prisoner's creations stated explicitly to have originated from a real-life location, being Russia.


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Mogeko Castle (Original)

Mogeko Castle (Remake)

Official Artwork


  • "Ohh, General..." (Room on the fourth floor of Mogeko Castle)
  • "Where art thou, General..." (Room on the fourth floor of Mogeko Castle)
  • "General... General Hashasky! Where have you gone...?" (Room on the fourth floor of Mogeko Castle)
  • "General!" (Bonus Room of Mogeko Castle)



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