Man, look at this place. Everybody just wants to sleep in because of some rain? Pathetic.

–Hanten, Obsolete Dream (CHAPTER 2)





Character Information
Japanese Name はんてん | 反転
Romaji Name Hanten
Character Code 0009 | 0009-2
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 165cm (≈5'5")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Gyakuten (Father)
Chishibuki (Mother)
Chikemuri (Brother)
Hibuki (Uncle)

Hanten (はんてん) is one of the main characters of Obsolete Dream. She is a demon girl and Kurotsuno's best friend.


Hanten has short gray hair, red eyes, and gray-ish skin. She has curly, black horns with two white dots at the base of each, black wings, and a black, curly tail. Her hands are also completely black. She wears a green hanten coat, as well as a white dress shirt, black tie, gray sweater, and dark gray pleated skirt underneath. She also wears gray socks and black shoes.

In her other form, she has a more maddened look to her, with her hair turning white and her horns changing to resemble her father's. She also has fair skin and red nails. She wears a red shirt, a black skirt, black knee-socks, and black boots. She retains her wings from her normal form, though she lacks a tail.


Hanten is a bloodthirsty, violent, scary and alcoholic demon. For some unknown reason, she hates the sea and everything in it.


Not much is known about Hanten's past.







Gyakuten is Hanten's father.


Chishibuki is Hanten's mother.


Chikemuri is Hanten's younger brother.


Hibuki is Hanten's uncle.

Obsolete Dream Cast


Kurotsuno is Hanten's best friend.


Met is Hanten's subordinate.


It is unknown the kind of relationship that both of them have, though they seem to welcome each other's presence. While they are not related by blood in any way, they are implied to have a fundamental connection.


It is unknown on what type of relationship the two have, though he seems to be afraid of Hanten.

Other Characters


It is unknown what relationship they have. Hanten told Tsumuri about how Glasses blushes easily just by taking the hands of his girlfriend, Kiku.


It seems that the two do not have any kind of relationship, but for some reason, Hanten knows how Glasses easily blushes when he is with his girlfriend, Kiku.


  • Her name in Japanese means "Inversion / Negative Image" and is also a pun on 半纏 (Hanten), a winter coat that she usually wears.
  • Hanten seems to have another "self," who is often seen with Olivia. It's possible this may be her true form, as she bears much more resemblance to her parents and brother in this form.
  • If you click on her full portrait in Deep Sea Prisoner's CHARACTER page, it will load up her alternate portrait.
  • Hanten has a scar with stitches on her chest, this is visible in a Skeb commission. Why she has this scar has yet to be officially revealed.



  • "Sheesh. Soon as we find her, we're outta here." (To Met about Kurotsuno - Mogeko Castle)
  • "Hee-hee-hee... ♪" (Mogeko Castle Bonus Room)



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