Fools must be punished for forgetting their homework.

–Greif, The Gray Garden



Character Information
Japanese Name グライフ
Romaji Name Guraifu
Character Code 0122
Location Gray Garden
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Height 168cm (≈5'6")
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Garden
Occupation Teacher
Personal Status

Greif (グライフ) is a demon gryphon in The Gray Garden. She is one of the two teachers at the school in the village along with Lowrie.


Greif Sprite.png

Greif has long white hair with gray hair underneath, which she keeps in a high side ponytail on the right side of her head. Her eyes are gray with slitted pupils. She has a pair of small gray-brown wings on her back, and her hands resemble talons. She wears a dark green outfit with gold buttons and a long sleeved white dress shirt with puffed sleeves underneath. Her clothes and cape (green with red inner lining) are trimmed with fluffy white fur.She also has a hat which she wears tilted slightly to the left side of her head. Her feet are equipped with boots (?) that also resemble large talons, with a small talon on the heel and three gold buttons on the side, though it is not visible on her character picture, but on her sprite.


Greif takes her work very seriously and frequently chastises students who she catches slacking off. She speaks using somewhat formal grammar, unlike Lowrie who speaks rather casually. Not much is known about her.


Greif came from another world, but it is unknown which world did she came from.




The Gray Garden Cast


Lowrie is Greif's fellow teacher, as well as a fellow comrade as a fighter. Lowrie has a contrasting personality to that of Greif, being casual, relaxed, and humorous to students of school. According to Deep Sea prisoner, she pushes him around a lot. Greif knows about Lowrie's relationship with Reficul and her world because she overheard them talking.


Yosafire is one of Greif's students. It seems that she frequently punishes her for not turning in her schoolwork and falling asleep in class.

FrozeMacaronaRawberry Preserves, Chelan, and Dialo

They are all Greif's students. 


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In-game Photos


Official Artwork


  • Her name means "gryphon" in German.


  • "Fools must be punished for forgetting their homework." (Bonus room)



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