Sure, sure. But when you're needed, you're needed. Them's the breaks.

–Glasses, Obsolete Dream (Chapter 4)



Character Information
Japanese Name グラッセス
Romaji Name Gurassesu
Character Code 0031
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Height 177cm (≈5'10")
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Sullivan's Subordinate
Personal Status
Relatives Satanick (Father)
Lil (Mother)
Licorice (Half-brother)
Fumus (Uncle)

Glasses (グラッセス) is a supporting character from Obsolete Dream. He is Satanick and Lil's son and Kiku's boyfriend. He works as Sullivan's subordinate.


Glasses has an appearance reminiscent of his father, Satanick, with similar looking black hair, raceless white skin, and black nails. His horns are a similar shape as his mother's horns. He is seen wearing a black suit and a red tie, accompanied with black glasses. He has a black pointed tail similar to most other demons. He is often seen smoking a cigarette.

As a child, he wore a white dress shirt with a gray-purple vest and a black neck ribbon. He wore poofy black shorts and white socks, as well as black boots with indigo soles. As a child, he didn't wear his signature black glasses.


He hates his father and never seems to get along with him. He has a gentler side for others, as seen when dealing with his girlfriend Kiku.


Not much is known about his past.



  • Obsolete Dream - Glasses appeared in Obsolete Dream as Sullivan's underling.




Satanick is Glasses' father. Glasses hates him, going as far as to have the trademark line, "Go fucking die dad."


Lil is Glasses' mother. He doesn't seem to be very fond of her.


They're both half-brothers. As seen in a tegaki by Deep Sea Prisoner, Licorice seems to like him.


Fumus is Glasses' uncle. They have not been seen interacting yet.

Obsolete Dream Cast


Sullivan is Glasses' boss. They both work for Yagi.


Kiku is Glasses' girlfriend. They have a good relationship.

Other Characters


It is unknown what relationship they have. Jork seems to be scared of him.


It is unknown what relationship they have. It seems that Tsumuri likes to annoy Glasses with the fact that he blushes from just taking the hands of his girlfriend Kiku and mocks that he has never kissed her.


They were shown bonding over their troubled relationships with their fathers.



  • He's a 100% virgin, and he blushes easily around his girlfriend, Kiku.
  • He has indigo eyes, just like his father, Satanick.
  • He was named literally after an item of the same name. Fittingly, he wear glasses frequently.
  • It has been stated that Glasses does not get along well with his parents, due to him being in a rebellious phase and viewing his folks as "playboys." [1]


  • "Sure, sure. But when you're needed, you're needed. Them's the breaks"
  • "Go fucking die, Dad." (To Satanick)



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