Character Information
Japanese Name ガルベラ
Romaji Name Gerubera
Character Code 0282
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Gerbera (ガルベラ) is a demon that has yet to appear in any series.


Gerbera has red eyes, two visible pairs of ear piercings on her right ear, maroon twin-tailed hair with several red streaks, and a pair of demon horns, with the left horn having a red-maroon stripe pattern and the right horn colored red and having a white polka dot pattern. She has a heart tattoo just below her right shoulder. She also has fingernails colored black and red alternatively starting from her pinky finger.

She wears a dress with a stripe pattern, a long sleeve at her right arm, a maroon belt, a long chain with two keychains, one that is a skull with a pair of hearts as eye sockets, and a heart, and a maroon skirt lined with red. She sports a spiked collar around her neck and has a forearm support at her left arm. She also has a visible tail with a striped pattern, a heart-shaped tail at its end, and two piercings near the tip of the tail. She has 2 pairs of maroon wings with red on the outside.

She has a pair of long socks, with the left colored red and having a maroon polka dot pattern and the right having a red-maroon stripe pattern. She wears a pair of black boots outlined with white and red, along with several straps, one belt strap on each boot, a heart near the heel region, and spikes at the bottom.


Not much is known about her.


Not much is known about her past.


Up to this day, Gerbera has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.


Bear Claw

Bear Claw and Gerbera appeared together alongside with two unnamed characters in a banner during Valentine's Day. It is possible that they are in a relationship. Not much else is known about their relationship.


  • Gerbera is the name of one type of flower, from the genus Gerbera jamesonii.


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