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A castle standing tall in a freezing land, the Mogeko Kremlin.

That castle’s lord, General Mogekov Hashasky, has been taken captive by a certain individual. Determined to save their general, his subordinates went to his rescue…

General Hashasky's Great Adventure



Japanese Title ハスハスキー将軍の大冒険
Romaji Title Hasuhasukī Shōgun no Dai Bōken
Media Information
Type of Media Game
Series Mogeko Castle
Release Date TBA
Official Page funamusea.com
Major Protagonist:

Mogekov Hashasky

Pages of Official Translations

General Hashasky's Great Adventure (ハスハスキー将軍の大冒険) will be one of Deep-Sea Prisoner's upcoming games and serve as a sequel to Mogeko Castle. A preview for the game is shown in the bonus room of Mogeko Castle at the end of the game.

Like the prequel, Mogeko Castle, this is rated by Deep-Sea Prisoner themselves as R-15G. Be warned, the game is a violent gag game and contains violence and other morbid things. [1]


Based on the preview, the game seems to be about Moge-kov going to save Mogekov Hashasky after he has been captured by Moge-ko of Mogeko Castle. In Mogeko Castle, General Hashasky can be seen at certain points during the play-through.

The games' setting seems to take place after Mogeko Castle's Normal End, as Yonaka Kurai is seen as Lord Prosciutto.


  • It's been said that the game is of the genre, "frozen yogurt adventure."
  • When asked about General Hashasky's Great Adventure in a live stream, DSP stated that "This game will have the most sensitive content out of any game I've ever created." [2]





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