Yes! THIS!!

There was a certain chocolate cake!

Or rather, there was until yesterday!

So why is it gone now??

Garden Gray The
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Japanese Title 園庭色灰
Romaji Title Entei Irohai
Media Information
Type of Media Game
Series The Gray Garden
Engine RPG Maker 2000
Platforms Windows
MacOS (via RPGHub)
Release Date April 1, 2014
Official Page
Major Protagonists:

Alela Grora

Cameo Cameo:


Pages of Official Translations
Chinese (simplified) 丝绮拉工作室
Chinese (traditional) sikv
English vgperson
Indonesian Shiyori NekoChi
Portuguese Zero Corpse

Garden Gray The is an April Fools parody game based on The Gray Garden, released by Deep-Sea Prisoner on April 1, 2014. It has an approximate play time of ten minutes and does not entirely spoil the main game in any way. It plays much like the original The Gray Garden, with the same graphics, save for one difference - all of the characters featured have been "genderbent," or are the opposite gender of what they were in The Gray Garden. It features the major characters that frequent Blancblack Castle: Etihw, Kcalb, Grora, and Wodahs.


The game starts off with a scene much like the beginning scene of The Gray Garden, beginning with narration by Kcalb. Instead of continuing as the original dialogue did, Kcalb says that because the events happened "ages ago," it no longer matters, breaking off into a spiel on a chocolate cake that her sister Wodahs baked for her. She rambles about how the cake had been in the fridge one day and gone the next. At this, Etihw pipes up, admitting that they ate the chocolate cake.

Discovering the cake thief to be Etihw, Kcalb is surprised and outraged. In response to Kcalb's emotions, Etihw teases her - causing Kcalb to flee from the castle in anger. Along the way, Kcalb encounters Grora, confusing him by yelling at him about how she's running away. Exiting the castle, she encounters her younger sister in the courtyard - Wodahs. After an inquiry from her younger sister about what she was doing, Kcalb proceeds to respond in the same moody manner as she did with Grora, leaving the castle's premises after her response.

Etihw later chases after her, running into Wodahs in the process. Angered by the actions of Etihw, Wodahs intimidatingly demands the god to apologize to her sister quickly.

Kcalb continues her journey outside of the castle, travelling to a forest and eventually reaching a clearing at the edge of a cliff. Etihw then finds Kcalb, apologizing to her about the chocolate cake and admitting that they didn't believe it would disturb her so much. They reconcile and return to the castle.

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