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Misfortune suits you very well

–Fumus, to Satanick.



Character Information
Japanese Name フームス
Romaji Name Fūmusu
Character Code 0221
Location His World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species God
Gender Male
Height 170cm (≈5'7")
Professional Status
Affiliation Fumus' World
Occupation God of his World
Personal Status
Relatives Satanick (Brother)
Lil (Sister-In-Law)
Glasses (Nephew)
Licorice (Nephew)

Fumus (フームス) is the god of the Pitch Black World and Satanick's older brother. He made his first formal appearance in Seaside Dispatches 2.


Fumus has short two-toned hair, dark gray on top and blood red underneath. His eyes are grayish purple and have large bags under them. His outfit consists of a brown vest over a white dress shirt and dark brown pants, with black dress shoes.

He is seen with a cigarette in all of his appearances. In specifically his official character portrait, he is seen grasping a white mug.


Fumus has a very strict and sadistic personality. In most of his appearances, it's shown that he enjoys torturing his creations, the usual victims being his subordinates, mainly his head-angel Taffy. It has also been stated that he's only attached to his own creations and his younger brother Satanick. This is supported by the fact that he has been shown to have a hobby of destroying worlds. Fumus also seems to have a sort of superiority complex. 

Fumus also tends to be very grumpy. For example, he gets in a very bad mood when someone bothers him while he is sleeping.


Not much is known about his past.





Satanick is the Devil of Fumus' world and his younger brother. He's one of the few things Fumus is attached to.

Their relationship is quite complicated; Deep-Sea Prisoner herself has said that it's "not bad" [1], but this was seemingly an ironic statement. After all, Fumus has been shown to enjoy both physically and emotionally torturing his brother. An example of this was when Fumus destroyed the world that Victor Flankenstein had previously lived in, devastating Satanick.

As of the 2017 10 21 update, Fumus is confirmed to hold extremely volatile feelings towards Satanick; the arrow representing his feelings injures Satanick's icon, which is shaking and crying in fear.

At the same time, They were seen interacting in a mini-comic seemingly fine. This seems to indicate that their relationship has many ups and downs.


Lil is Fumus' sister-in-law. The two have, however, not been seen interacting yet.


Licorice is Fumus' nephew. The two have, however, not been seen interacting yet.


Glasses is Fumus' nephew. The two have, however, not been seen interacting yet.


Taffy is Fumus' head angel. He abuses him often; Fumus has been seen forcing him to drink toxic liquids, beating him down, sexually assaulting him, and cutting his feathers off. Taffy is deeply traumatized as a result of this; however, he still is said to be a "fanatic" for Fumus, blindly and deeply worshiping him. [2] Fumus knows Taffy follows him in this blind, fanatical way, and is said to bathe in the feeling of being superior. [3]


Olive is Fumus' subordinate. When he beats Taffy, he threatens to hurt her too, though Deep-sea Prisoner has said that it's unlikely that he'll actually do this, seeing how Olive is "not his type." [4]


Chlomaki is Fumus' creation and a former inhabitant of his world. Chlomaki has a deep fear of him due to the abuse and torture he inflicted upon her.


Tsurugigozen is Fumus' subordinate. In a Sunahama update, it has been shown and written by Satanick that Fumus has tortured and sexually abused him, as well.



  • Apparently, Fumus is not his real name. [1]
  • Fumus means "smoke" in Latin.
  • He has a tendency to sulk often. [1]
  • Rarely, Fumus' eyes change color to same shade of indigo like that of Satanick's.
  • During DSP's first ever live stream, she revealed that Fumus enjoys sweets, and that he likes cake. [5] It would not be a stretch to assume that the naming of Taffy and Bear Claw, two of Fumus' (former) angels, is because of this.
  • During her third live stream, when asked by a fan whether information about Fumus' angels would be revealed in the near future, Deep-Sea Prisoner stated that she would like to make a manga with them and their God. [6]
  • On August 13th, 2020, DSP uploaded a photo of Fumus as a cat ("Fumuneko"). When asked in her third live stream who would be Fumuneko's keeper, she replied with that it would probably be Taffy; there would also be lots of scratching. [6]
  • Fumus is said to not be interested in children. [7]
  • During her fourth live stream, when asked on their thoughts on Fumus, DSP spoke her disdain for the character (personality-wise) by insulting Fumus: "クズ野郎だなと思っています," which roughly translates to "I think he's a scumbag", and commenting, "擁護しようのない" (roughly translating to "I can't defend it"), whether in regards to his personality or actions. [7]



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