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You like takoyaki?

— Fukami, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Fukami (フカミ) is a humanoid octopus appearing in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea. He is one of Wadanohara's current familiars.

Physical Description

Tumblr inline n4vd9peohn1rgsnbs.png

Fukami has short, light blue hair cut to chin length. His eyes are dark gray, and his expression almost never changes. Underneath his coat he is shown to have six long, pinkish tentacles.

He wears a white coat that reaches almost to his knees and covers his hands. The edges of the coat are lined with a dark blue trim. A scarf-like tie - matching the color of the trim - is tied around his neck and a small, white anchor symbol is shown on it. His pants are black, as are his boots, and seven white, bubble-like decorations line the side of them. As seen in the manga, Fukami wears a sweater and a dress shirt under his coat.

In the bad end - "Betrayal" - he is shown with glowing red eyes.


Fukami is quiet and calm most of the time, often only using few words to get his point across.

He has feelings for Wadanohara but was jealous that Samekichi stole her attention. However, he does not act on these feelings without outside interference, even going as far as to comfort Wadanohara in accordance with Samekichi's disappearance in the true end of Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea.

As stated in the physical copy of volume one of the manga, his favorite color is white. His favorite food is a set of tea and sweets and "meat dripping with blood." His specialty is cooking, baking, and octopus punch.


Fukami was born in the sea. At some point in the past, he became Wadanohara's familiar.




Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea Cast


Wadanohara is Fukami's master and love interest, though, he keeps his feelings for her a secret. Fukami was the last familiar to join Wadanohara; this can be inferred from Memoca being the first to join her after Samekichi's disappearance and Dolpi after her. [1]

Memoca & Dolpi

Memoca and Dolpi are Fukami's friends and fellow familiars of Wadanohara.


Samekichi is Fukami's fellow familiar. Both of them share romantic feelings for Wadanohara, with a one-sided rivalry on Fukami's part.

Due to Fukami's jealousy and Samekichi's supposed betrayal of Wadanohara, Samekichi was often brutalized by Fukami whenever the octopus could get his tentacles on him. Though their relationship was rocky at first due to the mutually romantic feelings they share for Wadanohara, Fukami later accepted that Wadanohara's romantic affections were solely for Samekichi and chose to support her.


In the bad end - Betrayal - Syakesan is shown speaking with Fukami after Fukami killed Dolpi, Memoca, and then Wadanohara. Fukami is shown to be highly disturbed by what he did, though Syakesan encouragingly teases him that there is nothing to be ashamed about, saying Fukami is just like the rest of the Red Sea inhabitants. Syakesan then welcomes Fukami to the Sea of Death.



  • Combat - As shown throughout Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Fukami is skilled in fighting.

Natural Abilities

  • Nigh-Absolute Immortality - Like most non-human characters in the Deep-Sea Prisoner Universe, Fukami cannot die from natural causes such as aging or disease. [2]
  • Animal Transformation - Being an octopus, he is able to switch between a humanoid and animal form.
  • Underwater Breathing - Being an octopus, he can naturally breathe underwater.

Battle Statistics

Battle Statistics of Fukami in Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Basic Information
Tumblr inline n4vd9peohn1rgsnbs.png Name Species
Fukami Octopus
Default weapon Signature skill
Smacktopus Hammer Kraken
Fukami can control large numbers of enemies due to him having a number of Skills that do splash damage. He can wipe enemy parties quickly.
All stats assume no weapon, shield, armor, helmet, or accessory equipped; or no usage of stat items to increase them.
Starting stats at Level 1 Minimum stats at Level 50
HP MP Attack
59 32 17
Defense Spirit Agility
15 29 19
HP MP Attack
943 518 156
Defense Spirit Agility
165 482 289
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/30 (~3.33%)
Fukami has 10 skills.
While the level cap is at Level 50, all skills can be learned at Level 30.
Skill Description Level required
Strangle Strangles. Hits one.
MP cost: 5 · Target: One enemy
Effects: None
Octopot Tosses an octopot. Hits one.
MP cost: 6 · Target: One enemy
Effects: None
Glare Fukami's glare. Confuses a foe.
MP cost: 8 · Target: One enemy (no damage)
Effects: Inflicts Confusion condition.
Slice Up Valiantly slices. Hits all.
MP cost: 9 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
Octopunch Octopunches. Hits all.
MP cost: 9 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
Dine Eat 'em up. Hits one.
MP cost: 10 · Target: One enemy
Effects: None
Skewer Skewers foes. Hits all.
MP cost: 12 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
Octo Room Seals foes in the Octo Room. Hits all.
MP cost: 13 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
Dark Cover Attack from darkness. Hits all.
MP cost: 15 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
Kraken Let Fukami's rage be known. Hits all.
MP cost: 20 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
XP Curve
In total, 573344 XP must be gained in order to reach Level 50 as Fukami.
Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level
1 28 18 1655 35 10363
2 50 19 1840 36 11717
3 82 20 2041 37 13287
4 127 21 2262 38 15106
5 181 22 2499 39 17223
6 248 23 2772 40 19704
7 322 24 3071 41 22606
8 408 25 3402 42 26033
9 496 26 3781 43 30081
10 596 27 4196 44 34887
11 702 28 4670 45 40633
12 813 29 5204 46 47523
13 931 30 5803 47 55819
14 1057 31 6493 48 65868
15 1189 32 7272 49 78116
16 1337 33 8166 50
17 1490 34 9194


  • Fukami's name means "depths" in Japanese. [3]
  • He is sometimes mistaken as female by players of the game.




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