How insolent can you be...

–Froze, The Gray Garden



Character Information
Japanese Name フローズ
Romaji Name Furōzu
Character Code 0139
Location Gray Garden
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Angel
Gender Female
Height 156cm (≈5'1")
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Garden
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Sherbet (Ancestor)
Education Gray Village School

Froze (フローズ) is one of the main characters of The Gray Garden. She is a female angel and Yosafire's best friend.



Froze has long, blonde/yellowish green hair tied into low twintails; light turquoise eyes; and a pair of feathered wings. She wears a grey and white capelet adorned with domino ornaments; a grey skirt; black stockings; and white knee-high boots. She favors a pillbox hat in place of her angelic halo and carries a box staff in battle.


Conscientious and studious, Froze observes things with the most sedulous care, and thus, easily reaps the trust of her superiors. Froze has a continuously pensive mood that is only broken by dire peril. Even so, she keeps a cool head on her shoulders, and meticulously plans her actions. She is cautious around strangers and harbors a perennial distrust toward otherworldly characters.


Froze is an angel hailing from the Gray Garden, who lives by herself in the Gray Village. She is a trusted subordinate of Etihw, despite her young age, and is a diligent student of the Gray Village school. In her spare time, she is often seen in the company of her friend Yosafire, as well as other villagers.



  • The Gray Garden – Froze appears as a main character, and is playable for parts of the game. She is part of the battle party consisting of Yosafire, Macarona, and Rawberry, and travels with them throughout the game.


  • Mogeko Castle - She appears on a TV screen, along with some of the main Gray Garden cast.


The Gray Garden Cast


Etihw is the God who created Froze, and she is undoubtedly loyal and devoted to them. In return, Etihw places a great deal of trust in Froze, evidenced in that she is the only one summoned by the divine being - out of the four battle party members - when the god is in need of extra hands around the palace.


As with Etihw, she is reverent toward Kcalb, obediently fulfilling her duties to him and formally addressing him as "Mr. Kcalb."


Wodahs is a superior of Froze who she exhibits a deferential front to. She holds him in high regards, formally addressing him as “Mr. Wodahs.” She is seen chiding Yosafire for forgetting about him when the Head Angel goes missing.

Alela Grora

Froze highly respects Grora and formally addresses her as "Ms. Grora." When Grora saves the girls from a hoard of flaming bats, Froze is the only one she asks to return with her to the castle. Additionally, when Yosafire, Rawberry, and Macarona offer their assistance during urgent times and asks to come along with Froze, Grora expresses her concern over Froze and gives them her permission.

When the four girls arrive at the Gray World's Graveyard and follow a blood trail, Froze is the first to call out to Grora the moment she sees the older angel's wounded form; proclaiming her disbelief of someone doing her in. Not long after, Grora explains how she figured it odd for the girls to take so long in their scouting mission, and decided to take the black warp slate with her and run with it to ensure their safety.

When they return to Blancblack Castle, Froze is appalled to find Grora once again in a near-death state. And, though Froze pleads for her and Wodahs not to speak out of worry for their injuries, Grora weakly tells her to escape somewhere safe; not wanting her to end up like them.


Yosafire is Froze's best friend and girlfriend. The two are exceptionally close. Froze looks out for Yosafire due to the latter's abundance in reckless actions, and is the one who Yosafire turns to when their homework’s deadline comes knocking. Froze sees Yosafire as a blundering klutz, and is easily irritated with the demon’s overall exaggerations. But despite all that, she feels safe enough to smile in front of Yosafire, and has even laughed with her. In turn, Yosafire is fiercely loyal to her, to the degree that the demon was willing to eschew her fears to save her life.

In The Gray Garden, Yosafire eagerly declared her romantic feelings for Froze, even when the time wasn't appropriate for such romantic confessions. Often she could be heard saying that she "wants Froze to be her girlfriend." Froze at the time seemed to harbor mutually romantic feelings but didn't them at the time. At the end of The Gray Garden, Froze gave Yosafire her thanks for sticking with her despite her many shortcomings.

The two also appear together in a Valentines artwork. And in a Mini-comic, Froze also gave Yosafire a kiss on the cheek. Deep-Sea Prisoner has also confirmed that they are currently indeed a couple. [1]


Macarona is a close friend of Froze who she worries about due to the former’s constant fretting. Froze has been seen reminding Macarona that she does not need to force herself into doing things that scares her.

When Froze is stabbed by Emalf, Macarona pales and cries at the sight. When Froze is subsequently pushed off the cliff they are on by the flame demon, for the first time in her life, Macarona snaps and retaliates with violent intentions; harshly beating Emalf and vehemently repeating her unwillingness to forgive him.

Once Macarona retains a much clearer state of mind, she is quite obviously thankful that Froze sustained no alarming injuries from the encounter.

Rawberry Preserves

Rawberry is a close friend of Froze who she has a relatively shorter fuse for. Froze is predominantly bemused by Rawberry’s spacey personality, and has shown signs of mild distaste, but does not think much of it. The only time Froze is genuinely angered by Rawberry is when she disregards Froze’s orders and does what she pleases during their probe of the Eastern forests.


Dialo is a good friend of Froze. Froze frequently has lunch at her house, and does not seem to mind running errands for her.


Chelan is a good friend of Froze; they are on good terms.


Lowrie is one of Froze's teachers.


Greif is one of Froze's teachers.

Other Characters


Sherbet is Froze's ancestor. Grora has thought once that between Froze and Sherbet, the two could not have a bigger difference in terms of personality.

Battle Statistics

Battle Statistics of Froze in The Gray Garden
Basic Information
Sssssssssss Name Species
Froze Angel
Default weapon Signature skill
Box Staff Frozen Yogurt
Froze serves as the healer of the party. Having three different healing skills and an extremely high MP stat, the player should have no problem healing the party.
All stats assume no weapon, shield, armor, helmet, or accessory equipped; or no usage of stat items to increase them.
Starting stats at Level 1 Minimum stats at Level 50
HP MP Attack
38 51 15
Defense Spirit Agility
12 12 17
HP MP Attack
444 958 168
Defense Spirit Agility
102 152 297
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/30 (~3.33%)
Froze has 10 skills.
While the level cap is at Level 50, all skills can be learned at Level 30.
Skill Description Level required
Froze Punch Punch a foe in the gut. Hits one enemy.
MP cost: 5 · Target: One enemy
Effects: None
White Prayer Pray to God. Recovers 60 HP for an ally.
MP cost: 5 · Target: One ally
Effects: Heals one ally for 60 HP.
Cold Anger Froze is scary when she's mad. Hits one enemy.
MP cost: 7 · Target: One enemy
Effects: None
White Prayer II Pray to God. Recovers 120 HP for an ally.
MP cost: 12 · Target: One ally
Effects: Heals one ally for 120 HP.
Gotcha! Froze pounces on a defensive gap. Hits one enemy.
MP cost: 10 · Target: One enemy
Effects: None
Scold! Silences all enemies.
MP cost: 9 · Target: Enemy party (no damage)
Effects: Inflicts Silence condition.
Frozen Magic The magic of Froze. Hits all enemies.
MP cost: 13 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
Just Slicing Through Slice a foe on the way. Hits one enemy.
MP cost: 10 · Target: One ally
Effects: None
White Prayer III Pray to God. Recovers 100 HP for all allies.
MP cost: 22 · Target: Player party
Effects: No damage; heals the player's party for 100 HP.
Frozen Yogurt Froze's ultimate technique... Hits all enemies.
MP cost: 20 · Target: Enemy party
Effects: None
XP Curve
In total, 612223 XP must be gained in order to reach Level 50 as Froze.
Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level
1 33 18 1813 35 11159
2 57 19 2014 36 12606
3 93 20 2231 37 14277
4 142 21 2468 38 16220
5 204 22 2729 39 18462
6 277 23 3019 40 21098
7 359 24 3345 41 24182
8 453 25 3700 42 27809
9 553 26 4108 43 32097
10 660 27 4558 44 37180
11 775 28 5062 45 43245
12 897 29 5635 46 50499
13 1028 30 6287 47 59240
14 1161 31 7022 48 69810
15 1309 32 7854 49 82670
16 1467 33 8816 50
17 163 34 9908
Additional Information
Froze cannot be Silenced.



  • The bonus room states that: she likes Yosafire; hates otherworldly visitors; has a hobby of reading; and love for frozen yogurt.
  • Froze exercises daily to keep herself healthy and in shape.
  • Froze always does and turns in her homework on time.
  • Froze’s ultimate technique, Frozen Yogurt, includes her unleashing snowmen on her enemies.


  • "I love frozen yogurt...” (Bonus Room – The Gray Garden)
  • “There are many worlds with many things... Perhaps yours is a peaceful garden. But not each and every person can necessarily live in such a world. Our world is no exception.” (To Yosafire, regarding the state of the Worlds – The Gray Garden)
  • “We are essentially, creatures who fundamentally can never understand each other.” (To Yosafire, regarding angels and demons – The Gray Garden)
  • “Don’t forget about him! We’re all looking.” (To Yosafire, when the demon forgets about Wodahs – The Gray Garden)
  • “I can’t believe they did you in like this, Ms. Grora...” (To Grora, after Rieta severely injures the older angel – The Gray Garden)
  • "You do realize I never smile... Rather, I don’t know how." (To Yosafire – The Gray Garden)



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