The Flame Underworld, also known as the Flame World, is the underworld of the Land of Sun and is under the leadership of Ivlis. This world plays a major role in The Gray Garden. The world is also featured in The Sun's Curse, presumably where Ivlis falls to after Siralos banishes him from the Land of Sun.

Residents of Flame Underworld

General Appearance

The Flame Underworld is generally depicted, as it name suggests, as a "flame" world. Fire scorches everywhere and it appears to be constantly dusk, similar to the realms of some other Devils. The underworld's moon is crimson red. Unlike its godly world counterpart, there appears to be no traces of the sun.

  • Enemies that appear: Flame Dragon, Flame Demon

Locations in Flame Underworld


The Jail is a building found in the Flame Underworld, used to imprison criminals and Ivlis' captured enemies.

After Yosafire and her friends were captured, they were imprisoned in the world's jail. In the same jail but in a different cell, Wodahs was also imprisoned. Reficul later discovers Wodahs then Yosafire and her friends, releasing all five from the prison cells. Several NPC demons and Flame Bats are seen within the jail.

Unnamed Town

The Unnamed Town is a town in the underworld, found close to the world's jail. Macarona described the place as a ghost town due to the lack of demons, but in truth, everyone living in the vicinity were absent because they were preparing for the eminent invasion of the Gray Garden.

  • Enemies that appear: Flame Demon A

Flame Castle

The home of Ivlis. In front of the castle is a large, red magic circle. Emalf leads all demons here (and unknowingly Yosafire and her friends as well) to start the invasion. The large, red magic circle is a portal to another world; specifically, the Gray World.

It is unknown if the magic circle is a constant presence in the world or if it is conjured from time to time for usage in world travel.


  • It seems to be a custom or uniform for demons to wear an outfit consisting of a black Russian bonnet; a suit; and shades. However, high ranking demons such as Poemi, Emalf, and Rieta have their own outfits. Although, it appears that Emalf's signature shades are the standard shades regular demons wear.
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