Character Information
Japanese Name エヴィル
Romaji Name Evuiru
Character Code 0125
Biological Information
Species Vampire
Gender Male
Professional Status
Personal Status

Evil (エヴィル) is a character that has yet to appear in anything. He is a vampire. It's been said that "despite his scary face, he seems to be a nice guy." [1]


Evil has messy think black hair with tall ahoge (cowlick) and tired gray(?) eyes with dark circles. He wears a light gray turtle neck with a darker gray sweater over it with a black hoodie over it. He has black pants with black shoes/boots.

In a older picture, he had humanoid skin, a suit with armor, and a sword.


It's been said that his facial expression causes people to call him Evil, but in reality, he's actually quite gentle. Other than that, not much is known about him. [1]


Not much is known about his past.


Up to this day, Evil has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.


  • Evil is not his real name, but rather a nickname.[1]
  • In his prevamp, he was known as "Evilbart."


There are currently no known quotes by Evil.


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