Even if you happen to be his son... If you oppose the Devil, I'll show you no mercy.




Character Information
Japanese Name エンビ
Romaji Name Enbi
Character Code 0020
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Height 178cm (≈5'10")
Professional Status
Affiliation Satanick's Subordinates
Pitch Black World
Occupation Satanick's Underling
Personal Status

Envi (エンビ) is a demon of the Pitch Black World, and a subordinate of Satanick.


Envi has long, olive green hair tied with a black ribbon in a low ponytail, bangs covering his right eye, and an ahoge. He has goat ears and horns, and red eyes. His attire consists of a black butler coat over a red collared shirt and a dark red vest with a red bow tie; black pants; and black dress shoes. He carries a white and grey parasol which also serves as a weapon.


Perpetually dark and brooding, Envi dreams of annihilating angels–who are his mortal enemies. Envi is prone to entering a foul mood whenever Satanick is troubled; even harshly dismissing Kyou for inquiring about the Devil when the other demon's intentions weren't hostile in the slightest. His loyalties to Satanick are unquestionable, and he is merciless to any who dares oppose the Devil.


Envi is a demon working under Satanick as his 1st subordinate. He is the one who tends to the Devil's needs, and is allegedly a palace staff.


Up to this day, Envi has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations and many of their mini-comics.



Satanick is Envi's boss and Devil; formally addressing him as "Mr. Devil" and acting as his secretary. Envi is generally irked by Satanick, but bears with him out of loyalty. In Sunahama comics, it is shown that Envi deeply cares for him; being the only one to stay by the Devil's side during sickness; protecting him even from Satanick's own son, Licorice; and will go to great lengths just to appease him (e.g. capturing and forcing the King of the Totsusa Kingdom, Artamos, to sleep with Satanick for the night in hopes that it will relieve his Devil's pain). As of the 2017 10 21 update, it is shown with a red arrow that Envi does have romantic feelings for Satanick which could be why he is not fond of Satanick's children or Satanick's attraction to Ivlis.

It is also shown in this update that Satanick does not reciprocate these romantic feelings but is either okay with them or does not know about them as he is shown smiling at him.

Crea Flankenstein

Envi acts as a caretaker for Crea. He once made omurice for her in a Mini-Comic.

Lec Hijoushiki

Lec is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick.


Yagi is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick. The only interaction between them shown is in distorted love when he snaps at Kyou for his "useless prying", scaring both demons.

Roc Hijoushiki

Roc is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick.


Benihotaru is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick.


Edabane is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick.


Hidou is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick.


Kyou is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick. The only interaction between them shown is in Distorted Love where Envi snaps at him for his 'Usless Prying', scaring both him and Yagi.


Hitoki is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick.


Dokugai is Envi's fellow subordinate of Satanick.


Maekami is a colleague of Envi.


It is unknown what type of relationship they have.


It is unknown what type of relationship they have.


It is unknown what type of relationship they have.


Envi and Licorice have been at odds for a long while due to their differing views of Satanick. The two seem to constantly be at each others’ throats each time they meet, and with no visible conclusion. An example is in the Sunahama update I Cannot Rest, where Envi is seen grabbing Licorice’s child form by the collar and has chained the young demon’s hands behind his back, all the while Licorice struggles to get free.

In the Distorted Love comics, Licorice comes to the Pitch Black World with the intention of killing his father, but is stopped when Envi points a keris to his neck, stating that whoever opposes the Devil, be it their own son, shall have no mercy. Licorice arrogantly underestimates Envi, saying that “[Envi]’s sort usually isn’t much against something like a demon...”, with Envi retorting that Licorice shouldn’t be pushing his luck and is willing to “show how much of a difference experience can make”. However, their threats fall short when Satanick calls them out, only to begin vomitting the moment he sits up. Envi runs to Satanick’s side and Licorice watches with a troubled expression before wordlessly leaving.

In the Kenka comics, a fight between Envi and Licorice ensues, with Envi being the clear victor. Licorice, having lost his left arm, is pinned to the ground with Envi’s keris impaling his chest. Prior to the fight, Licorice is seen glaring daggers at Envi. Envi, however, looks on with a placid expression, only to cast it aside and replace it with a wide slasher smile, proclaiming that since Satanick is far from their location at that moment, there is no one else around, and no one to stop him.

In the following Sunahama update, Envi and Licorice Afterward, Licorice is seen chained to the ceiling, with multiple cuts and bruises on his body, his clothes mostly open, and Envi’s silhouette giving a wicked smile. In Crime and Punishment, Licorice is shivering and crying with his shirt unbuttoned. And in Trauma, Licorice speaks in a resigned manner that he is fine with being forced into doing sexual intercourse for the first time because he doesn’t think of it as an “important first time”, and that because he doesn’t “prefer one sex in the first place”, he is fine with it.


  • His name may also mean "charm".
  • He is said to be a personification of "envy" that loves the Devil, Satanick. [1]
  • Deep Sea Prisoner has confirmed in an 'Ask' segment that Envi can be considered Satanick's secretary.
  • Envi can only laugh when drinking alcohol.
  • In the 9-8 'Distorted Love' Sunahama comic, Licorice commented that "[Envi's] sort usually isn’t much against something like a demon". However, in the character classifications, Envi is officially recognized as one. It is unknown what other implications Licorice could have meant.
  • Envi owns a keris, as shown in Sunahama comics.


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Official artwork


  • "STOP WITH YOUR USELESS PRYING." (To Kyou, when the other demon asks of Satanick's condition 9-4 Distorted Love)
  • "Don’t push your luck, kid. Seems I’ll have to teach you what a difference experience can make." (To Licorice 9-8 Distorted Love)


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