Character Information
Japanese Name エルヴィーネ
Romaji Name Eruvuīne
Character Code 0036
Location Fumus' World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Angel
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Fumus' World
Occupation Fumus' Angel
Personal Status
Relatives Chlomaki/Nadine (Twin sister)

Elwine (エルヴィーネ) is one of the characters that has been said to inhabit the Pitch Black World and has yet to officially appear in any series. She is one of Fumus' angels and the twin sister of Chlomaki (Nadine).


Elwine has navy blue eyes, short straight white hair with two navy blue streaks, a navy blue ribbon tied to the right side, cat-like ears, feathered wings, and a white cat-like tail. She wears a typical Japanese high school uniform, which consists of a white dress shirt, a large blue ribbon, a gray sweater, a darker gray pleated skirt, dark gray knee-socks, and black loafers.

Before her revamp, she wore a gray military outfit. Her upper left hand had a black band with a white star on it. She also expresses a sad/worried face and her proportions were slightly different. She had been shown to have blue magic, appearing as stars.


According to an interview, Elwine is said to be the type of angel to hold grudges. [1] In most of her art, she looks perpetually monotone and deadpan. In recent updates she is shown to have another side to her personality that is more unhealthy and dangerous, she is shown holding a bloodied sword in a 2017 10 22 update.


Elwine is the twin sister of Nadine and works for Fumus. Anything other than that is unknown.


Up to this day, Elwine has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner´s illustrations.



Heavily implied to be the twin sister of Elwine, the two are color opposites/complementary colors. As of the 2017 10 22 update, she is shown to have unhealthy one-sided feelings towards Nadine, the heart next to her is dripping, similar to Satanick's.


The God of their World, Elwine inhabits Fumus' world as one of his creations and subordinate. Fumus is the creator of Elwine. Fumus is Elwine's superior.


An associate of Elwine, created by the same God, inhabit the same world. Inferred to be Elwine's higher up.


An associate of Elwine, created by the same God, inhabitants of the same world.


Associate of Elwine, wearing the same uniform as Elwine with a turquoise colored ribbon instead.


Associate of Elwine, wearing the male-counterpart of Elwine's uniform with a red colored scarf.


Associate of Elwine, wearing the male-counterpart of Elwine's uniform with a green tie.


Associate of Elwine, wearing the same uniform as Elwine with a pink colored ribbon instead.


  • The yellow ribbon that she is holding in her Character Portrait is believed to be the yellow ribbon formerly owned by Nadine.
  • The name 'Elwine' comes from Anglo-Saxon origin where it means "friend of the elves".
    • Elwine is also a derivative of the German name 'Alwine' meaning "elf friend" or "noble friend".
  • In her old character art, she is shown with stars similar to Chlomaki's except Elwine's stars are blue.
  • Elwine and Nadine have a complementary color scheme opposed to each other.
  • Elwine and Nadine are the only angels by far to carry cat features (tail and ears)


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