Character Information
Japanese Name エルクス
Romaji Name Erukusu
Character Code 0054
Location Their World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species God
Gender Genderfluid
Professional Status
Affiliation Elux's World
Occupation God of their World
Personal Status

Elux (エルクス) is a character from the same world that Reficul is from. They are the god of their world and Reficul's enemy.


Elux, in their feminine form, has cyan eyes and white skin. Their hair has two tones, white and yellow, and appears to end on their waist. It is also seen that they have a curled ahoge sticking out on their head. They wear an oversized gray coat with ten dark gray buttons, standard marine belt, gray stockings (?), and black boots with crosses on each side. They also have a large white ribbon on their back that seemingly has a yellow undertone.

In their masculine form, Elux has short messy hair. Though still retaining most of their outfit, instead of stockings, they wear gray pants with crosses on each side, and black shoes. It is shown they wear white gloves and the oversized coat now has a capelet.


Deep-Sea Prisoner has stated that Elux is egotistical. [1]


Not much is known about their past.


Up to this day, Elux has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.



She is the devil to their world and was an ex-subordinate of them. Deep Sea prisoner has also stated that Reficul and Elux are 'enemies, obsessed with each other'. [1]


Sol is Elux's angel.


Mercury is Elux's angel.


Mars is Elux's angel.


Luna is Elux's angel.


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  • "El" is said to mean God in Hebrew. 
  • "Lux" also means "Light" in latin. It could be a hint, as Reficul is Lucifer backwards, Lucifer being the angel of light before betraying God.
  • All of Elux's angels have the same blue eye color as them, except for Reficul, who had red eyes as an angel. This is notable because Reficul later fell from grace and turned into a Devil.


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