A slightly sensitive and very ordinary student, Ivlis.

One day he met the mysterious cat, "Sataneko-chan," who splashed him with magic (sperm) and he somehow got transformed into "Devil Girl Ivlin"!

Attacking demon tentacle hands! (Defeated as usual)

Often attacking, ravishing, and aiming at Ivlin, The Evil Devil S.T.N.!

Appearing gallantly and mowing down the enemies (and subsequently beating Sataneko-chan viciously), and then disappearing into the dark night, Salty Licorice Mask!

Her (his) fate, indeed!"

Devil Girl Ivlin

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Media Information
Type of Media Concept
Series Devil Girl Ivlin
Release Date April 1, 2017
Official Page funamusea.com
Pages of Official Translations

Devil Girl Ivlin is an original April Fools creation by Deep-Sea Prisoner, released on April 1st, 2017. While Devil Girl Ivlin has been given a story page, it has no media in the form of player-interaction save for the story page itself. The story appears to take place in a reality alternate to the common Deep-Sea Prisoner multiverse, and features the genderbent iterations of Ivlis and Satanick.

While Deep-Sea Prisoner has given no age rating for Devil Girl Ivlin, it is to be noted that it contains risque content and explicit content, which may be rated as 18+ in some countries. Viewer discretion is advised.


The series stars Ivlin, an iteration of Ivlis who has been transformed into a girl by Sataneko-chan, as the protagonist. The story revolves around Ivlin and her misfortunate encounters with Evil Devil S.T.N., the enigmatic Salty Licorice Mask, and the mysterious Devil Girl Satanica-chan. [1]

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  • The series is a parody on the popular magical girl series Sailor Moon. In Sailor Moon, a middle-school student named Usagi Tsukino befriends Luna, a talking black cat that gives her a magical brooch, enabling her to become Sailor Moon. This is parodied by Devil Girl Ivlin, in which a student named Ivlis meets Sataneko, a mysterious black cat that gives him magical Devil Girl powers by splashing him with magic (sperm).
  • Devil Girl Ivlin includes three iterations of Satanick; Satanick as he regularly appears; the genderbent version of Satanick, Satanica; and Sataneko, the cat version of Satanick.
  • The logo of Devil Girl Ivlin is a undetailed pink version of Siralos' symbol.
  • Deep-Sea Prisoner has said she would like to work on this game after finishing General Hashasky's Great Adventure. [2]



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