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Deep-Sea Prisoner or 海底囚人(pronounced as "Kaitei Syuujin"), is a Japanese artist and game-maker. 
Their game work can be found on vgperson's website, and their comics have also been translated into various languages by translators.
Deep-Sea Prisoner has an extensive list of worlds and characters that all interconnect, and it is this wiki's goal to make an organized English database for these worlds.
All information presented are confirmed by Deep-Sea Prisoner themselves through pictures they have drawn or questions they have answered.
Please respect Deep-Sea Prisoner's wishes not to repost or reprint their work without permission.

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Deep-Sea Prisoner
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Games Carnival Rhythm · Devil Girl Ivlin · Garden Gray The · General Hashasky's Great Adventure · Mogeko Castle · The End of the Wonderland · The Gray Garden · Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Manga Obsolete Dream · Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
Flash Poison Bugs · The Sun's Curse
Multimedia Ice Scream

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