Character Information
Japanese Name コスメア
Romaji Name Kosumea
Character Code 0274
Status Deceased(?)
Biological Information
Species Angel (Cherub)
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives Daimonji (Lover)
Higan (Daughter)

Cosmea (コスメア) is a character who has yet to formally appear in anything. She is an angel.


Cosmea has raceless white skin, long pitch-black hair, and pink eyes. Her hair is tied into low, loose twintails with white ribbons. She wears a light blue-green dress, a white apron, and brown lace-up boots. In addition to this, six white cosmos flowers in two rows of three are seen hanging to the sides of her bangs. 


Not much is known about her. She seems to love Daimonji.


It has been strongly implied that she is currently deceased. This has however yet to be officially confirmed. Not much else is known about her background.


Up to this day, Cosmea has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.



Daimonji is Cosmea's lover.


Higan is Cosmea's daughter.


Fumus is the God that created Cosmea.


  • Cosmea's name is derived from a flower, specifically from the Cosmos bipinnatus species.
    • A Cosmea flower is from the Cosmos family (wherein in the language of flowers, it means "peaceful" or "joy in love and life").
  • Much of Cosmea's background has been speculated by fans, using official information presented in the form of translations of comments, artworks, and comics.
    • Deep-Sea Prisoner has stated before that Daimonji "lost" his lover. Several artworks focused on romantic themes show Daimonji and Cosmea together as lovers, and they have a daughter named Higan. This has led to many speculating that Cosmea is deceased, though, nothing has been officially confirmed to this day.


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