Character Information
Japanese Name 血飛沫
Romaji Name Chisibuki
Character Code 0024
Location Pitch Black World
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Personal Status
Relatives Hanten (Daughter)
Chikemuri (Son)
Gyakuten (Husband)
Hibuki (Brother)

Chishibuki (血飛沫) is a supporting character from Obsolete Dream. She is Hanten's mother and Gyakuten's wife. She is the older sister of Hibuki.


Chishibuki has long, white hair with a bang covering her left eye. She has small, black, slightly curled horns. She wears a gray business suit with black furry cuffs over a white shirt. She also has gray tights, black shoes, dark gray gloves, earrings, and a heart-shaped demon tail, as well as a necklace. Her eyes are closed.

In her younger years, she had shorter hair which was styled into two braids.

In her Obsolete Dream appearance, she wears a turtleneck sweater, black pants, and a necklace.


In chapter 7 of Obsolete Dream, she initially behaves in a kind and caring manner, but it seems that she has the same hobby of torturing Sullivan with her husband and is violent like him.


Not much is known about her past.






Gyakuten is Chishibuki's husband. They both torture Sullivan together. They appear to have a good relationship and refer to each other with pet names.


Hanten is Chishibuki's daughter.


Chikemuri is Chishibuki's son.


Hibuki is Chishibuki's brother.


Sullivan is a torturing target for her and for her husband as well.


  • "Chishibuki" means "splash of blood".
  • She opened her eyes in chapter 7 of Obsolete Dream.
  • For a while it was thought that she was the ex-wife of Yagi and the mother of Jork. This was based on the similarities between her and a silhouette of Jork's mother that was shown in an illustration. But when asked about it on Twitter, Deep Sea Prisoner denied it.


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  • "Honey... Killing him isn't what we came for today, was it?" (To Gyakuten)


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