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Character Information
Japanese Name シェラン
Romaji Name Sheran
Character Code 0129
Location Gray Garden
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Angel
Gender Female
Height 150cm (≈4'9")
Professional Status
Affiliation Gray Garden
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Ciel (Ancestor)
Education Gray Village School

Chelan (シェラン) is one of the main characters of The Gray Garden. She is a female angel and Dialo's best friend.


Chelan Sprite
Chelan has sea-green eyes, short blonde hair and wears a blue flower-like hair clip. She wears a blue high collared dress with white cross patterns, as well as a darker blue piece in front and blue boots with wings on it. Chelan's halo is a normal one and is visible floating above her head. Her feathered wings are white and small.


Chelan is a very quiet angel but is said to have a nice voice. She doesn't talk at all, but Dialo somehow understands and knows what she's saying. She communicates by nodding or shaking her head.


Hailing from the Gray Village, Chelan is a young angel who lives in the village with her friend Dialo. Along with her friends, she attends the Gray Village school as a student.



  • The Gray Garden - Chelan is one of the main characters of The Gray Garden, though she plays a more minor role when compared to that of some of the other girls.


The Gray Garden Cast


Dialo is one of Chelan's friends. Among the main characters, Dialo is closest to her. They live in the same house and only Dialo can completely understand Chelan. The two make apple pies together often.

In Dialo's bio in The Gray Garden, it's stated that she likes Chelan. Likewise, in Chelan's bio, it's stated she likes Dialo.


Yosafire is one of Chelan's friends.


Froze is one of Chelan's friends.


Rawberry is one of Chelan's friends.


Macarona is one of Chelan's friends.


Etihw is one of Chelan's friends. They are seemingly in a good relationship.


Greif is one of Chelan's teachers.


Lowrie is one of Chelan's teachers.

Other Characters


Ciel is Chelan's ancestor who died in the Great War prior to the events of The Gray Garden.

Battle Statistics

Battle Statistics of Chelan in The Gray Garden
Basic Information
Chelan Sprite Name Species
Chelan Angel
Default weapon Signature skill
Angel Bow Chelan Punch
All stats assume no weapon, shield, armor, helmet, or accessory equipped; or no usage of stat items to increase them.
Starting stats at Level 1 Minimum stats at Level 50
HP MP Attack
33 56 16
Defense Spirit Agility
16 21 26
HP MP Attack
527 967 162
Defense Spirit Agility
157 388 480
Percentage chance of landing a critical hit 1/30 (~3.33%)
Chelan only has one skill.
While the level cap is at Level 50, all skills can be learned at Level 1.
Skill Description Level required
Chelan Punch Punch a foe in the gut. Hits one enemy.
MP cost: 5 · Target: Single
Effects: None
XP Curve
In total, 573959 XP must be gained in order to reach Level 50 as Chelan.
Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level Level XP to next Level
1 30 18 1701 35 10462
2 53 19 1889 36 11821
3 87 20 2088 37 13385
4 134 21 2315 38 15201
5 191 22 2558 39 17317
6 259 23 2833 40 19774
7 337 24 3135 41 22672
8 424 25 3470 42 26073
9 518 26 3850 43 30085
10 618 27 4271 44 34860
11 729 28 4749 45 40541
12 840 29 5282 46 47346
13 963 30 5896 47 55537
14 1092 31 6577 48 65447
15 1226 32 7367 49 77504
16 1373 33 8263 50
17 1530 34 9286


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  • Her name may be derived from "Cherub".
  • The bonus room states that she likes Dialo and has a hobby of cooking. She is also said to have a pretty voice.


  • "..........♪"




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