Character Information
Japanese Name ぼたん
Romaji Name Botan
Character Code 0225
Biological Information
Species Bunny
Gender Female
Professional Status
Personal Status

Botan (ぼたん) is a character that has yet to formally appear in any series. She is a bunny girl and is lovers with Snowf.


Botan has long, blonde hair with flat bangs and red eyes. She wears a pink short coat with a white-fur trimmed collar and four buttons that are light salmon pink. Beneath that, she wears a wide pink coat with a white stripe accenting the bottom. Other light salmon pink accessories she wears are her belt with a silver buckle, her stockings, and mittens. She wears pink boots that are white at the top with a wide pink stripe going through the middle of the top. Botan also wears a pink, rectangular, and fuzzy hat similar to a flap-less ushanka with white rabbit ears visible at the top.


Not much is known about her personality.


Not much is known about her past.


Up to this day, Botan has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations.



Snowf is Botan's lover as seen in the 2017 10 21 relationship charts update where DSP shows the two having a romantic relationship.


  • Her name is derived from "button."


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There are currently no known quotes by Botan.


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