Who are you calling DOG?! Stop! You're wrong! I'm not a dog!

–Bis, Obsolete Dream (CHAPTER 1)



Character Information
Japanese Name ビス
Romaji Name Bisu
Character Code 0005
Location Pitch Black World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Jackal
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Pitch Black World
Occupation Student
Personal Status

Bis (ビス) is a supporting character in Obsolete Dream. She appears to be a type of humanoid dog (a jackal, most likely) and is friends with Reina.


Bis, like Sibuna, has an Anubis-like head with yellow eyes, a single piercing on her right ear, and black hair with blue streaks in which a single strand is curlier and longer than the rest and is tied loosely with a red ribbon. She has fair skin and a furry tail. She wears a black school uniform with white stripes around the collar and sleeve cuffs, white socks and black boots.


Bis is described as a short tempered and easily angered dog. She gets mad when she is called a dog and denies that she is one.

Bis has also been shown to be the skeptical type. She has questioned Hanten's strange relationship with Anten, as well as Kurotsuno's deal with the full moon.


There isn't much information about Bis' past.




Obsolete Dream Cast


Reina is one of Bis' friends and housemates. They play othello together, even though Bis always loses. It seems Reina also likes to tease Bis sometimes, but they're on friendly terms nonetheless.


Kurotsuno is one of Bis' friends and housemates. She and Met were once impaled by her in order to break up their fight, but unlike with Met, Kurotsuno does not seem to make a habit out of being violent with Bis.


Hanten is one of Bis' acquaintances. Bis has expressed fear and skepticism about Hanten and her past.


Met is one of Bis' friends and housemates. Met likes teasing Bis, much to her annoyance, by for instance calling her 'doggy'. 


During a Livestream Q&A it was said that they have a master-subordinate relationship. No other details are known.

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  • Bis is bad at Othello as she keeps on losing against Reina.
  • She in based on the Egyptian God Anubis, just like Sibuna.
    • Her comes from the last three letters of Anubis.
  • She usually carries around a was-sceptre with a red ribbon tied around the base.


Obsolete Dream

Official artwork


  • "Stop! You're wrong! I'm not a dog!" (To Met)
  • "Sigh . . . I just don't get why I can't win . . ." (To Reina)




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