Bear Claw


Character Information
Japanese Name ベアクロウ
Romaji Name Beakurou
Character Code 0281
Location Fumus' World (Previously)

Pitch Black World

Status Active
Biological Information
Species Fallen Angel (Cherub)
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Taffy's Subordinate (Formerly)
Personal Status

Bear Claw (ベアクロウ) is an angel that has yet to appear in any series.


Bear Claw has black eyes and slightly messy, short black hair lined with gray. He has three black piercings on his left ear. He wears a spiked choker and a large black-white striped shirt with long sleeves, as well as black pants and shoes with a black belt and silver chains that have one skull accessory. He has two pairs of warm gray wings. His halo is black and seems to be melting, similar to that of Aconita and Chlomaki.


Not much is known about his personality.


He used to be an angel working living in Fumus' World and working under Taffy. His melting halo and black wings indicate that he's a fallen angel, but the circumstances around this have yet to be revealed. It could be inferred that, after unknown reasons of no longer being affiliated with Fumus' World, that Bear Claw is now living in the Pitch Black World - the underworld of Fumus' World. 


Up to this day, Bear Claw has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's illustrations and a banner.



It is unknown what relation they have, but they appeared together in a Deep-Sea Prisoner banner during Valentine's Day, strongly implying that the two are in a relationship.


Taffy used to be Bear Claw's superior. [1] They have, however, not been depicted interacting yet.


  • In English, a "Bear Claw" is actually a type of pastry, usually filled with almond paste. [2]
  • In Dutch, a '"Berenklauw" is a poisonous plant. 


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There are currently no known quotes by Bear Claw.


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