Alice Kisaragi (鬼沙羅木 ありす) is a character that has yet to formally appear in anything. She is a human school girl, despite having some angel characteristics when Alice, and some demon characteristics when Alicia.

Alice Kisaragi



Character Information
Japanese Name 鬼沙羅木 ありす | 鬼沙羅木 亜離死阿
Romaji Name Kisaragi Arisu | Kisaragi Arishia
Character Code 0269 | 0269-2
Location Human World
Status Active
Biological Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status


Alice has fair skin, dark blue eyes and long light blonde hair with straight cut bangs with a big blue bow on her hairband. She wears a white sailor fuku top, with the collar and the cuffs being brown together with a dark brown ribbon at her chest. She also wears a short brown pleated skirt, white stockings and orange tipped uwabaki. She has two small angel wings that appear beside her.

Whereas for Alicia, she has red eyes with slit pupils and a similar hairstyle to Alice, but with longer sidebangs with more noticeable curls at the bottom. A red hairband with red demon horns replaces Alice's bow headband. Her wardrobe is somewhat similar to Alice, with the exceptions that Alicia wears a long skirt that goes pass her knees and rolled down white socks. Alicia has two red demon wings replace Alice's angel wings.


She may appear cute and act innocent when Alice, but when she is Alicia, she is truly evil.

Alicia is seen smoking in one of Deep Sea Prisoner's Artworks.


Not much is known about her.


She has made one appearance in the "Dying Tomorrow" mini comics by Deep Sea Prisoner.


Utareduyoi Tsubaki

Tsubaki is one of Alice's friends; Alice probably beats Tsubaki up with Toru.

Azemiti Toru

Toru is one of Alice's friends.

Shinohara Souichirou

Souichirou is Alice's teacher.


  • Clicking her full portrait in Deep Sea Prisoner's CHARACTER page will load up her "demon form" portrait.
  • Her "demon name" was changed to "鬼沙羅木 亜離死阿"
  • "Kisaragi" is the traditional Japanese name for "February," but it may also be translated as "Metamorphisis," "Alice" means "Noble", and "Alicia" means "Noble Humor".
  • Her "demon form" has been shown smoking in "Dying From Secondhand Smoke." [1]


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Official artwork


  • "Tch. Seriously weak."
  • "Haa? Wonder what this shit teacher’s doin’ here."


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