Character Information
Japanese Name 在辺
Romaji Name Aribe
Character Code 0118
Location Reficul's World
Biological Information
Species Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Reficul's World
Occupation Doctor
Personal Status

Alibe (在辺) is one of the characters that has yet to appear in anything. He is a demon doctor from Reficul's world with a terrible personality.


Alibe has blonde hair with two pairs of black wings on each side of his head, red eyes, raceless white skin, and two more pairs of black wings in his body. He wears a white lab coat, which is red on the inside, over a gray shirt and black tie. Also, he wears black pants and shoes. A pointy tail can also be seen. He also wears a pair of white gloves.


Alibe has a terrible personality, as he tends to say outrageous lies. Despite this, he seems to care about his pet, Chocolaty.


Not much is known about his past.


Up to this day, Alibe has only appeared in some of Deep-Sea Prisoner's Illustrations.



Chocolaty is Alibe's pet.


  • His name translates to "stationary edge" or "resident side."
  • In Log 011 of the Sunahama, Alibe appears in a picture with an angel who bears a striking resemblance to him — suggesting that, possibly, he may have been an angel. The text on the image, however, translates to "lie," which may imply the opposite.


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There are currently no known quotes by Alibe.


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